Justin Krietemeyer Opening at This Gallery in Highland Park

Kenzie S. and I hit the This Gallery last night for the opening of “Oh Snap” by artist Justin Krietemeyer.   They had beer, so I had a nice buzz going before we hit La Cuevita.

This Gallery "Oh Snap" Opening Night

This Gallery recently opened along the 5900 block of Figueroa and is an energetic spot to be sure, so Justin Krietemeyer’s exhibit fits in there nicely.

The body of work is a recontextualization of mid-90’s rave, surf, and street culture presented as paintings, drawings, and mixed media pictures.

Not sure what recontextualization means, but what evs.  There were some cool ones; I felt a Keith Haring vibe for sure.

"Geode Pop"

“Geode Pop”

Not sure I was feeling a 90’s vibe but more of a 70’s vibe or maybe I guess a “That’s 70’s Show” vibe which I guess then is the 90’s after all.

"New Beat Smiley"

“New Beat Smiley”

Krietemeyer explained his work as being “nostalgic” which it was but Kenzie S. thought it was “lacking any new take on color or form” or something like that I stopped listening to her at this point and got a beer.

While at the bar I noticed that Krietemeyer was selling some T-shirts.  Instead of forking over 600 bones  on a piece that was hanging on the wall you could get the designs on something you can wear for 15.  Hipster Entrepreneur!

"Speaker Stack (Left)"

“Speaker Stack (Left)”

Justin Krietemeyer’s “Oh Snap” exhibition runs through March 17th at This Gallery, 5906 North Figueroa Street.


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I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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