Painted Storefronts Of Highland Park

Figueroa and its neighboring streets are a pleasure to stroll along because of the vibrant colors of its hand painted store fronts.  Nothing better than to smoke up, put the doggy on a leash and go out on the streets to enjoy the love the business owners put in to making their stores stand out.

Monte Vista Convenience Store

Monte Vista Convenience Store

Now it seems that the Gringo Hipsters on York Avenue are picking up on the trend  favoring the street art look of the Hispanic owned storefronts to the sterile minimalism that gentrification typically brings.  Even the decidedly un-hipster has picked up on the news.


Two Painted Storefronts On York

York Beauty Salon

York Beauty Salon

The art definitely catches your eye and it makes the HP neighborhood unique among the El Polo Locos and electric billboards of typical Los Angeles ‘hoods.

Weird And Awesome On Figueroa

Weird And Awesome On Figueroa

Avenue 50 Convenience Store

Avenue 50 Convenience Store

Take to the streets dear Gringo and enjoy the colorful ‘hood that you now call home.


About Highland Park Gringo

I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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