Highland Park Theatre Raises Price By A Buck

Rainy Tuesday in Highland Park means it’s a perfect day to sit inside at the old Highland Theatre to catch a flick!  The Highland Theatre is every broke ass hipsters dream – a cheap first run movie theater.   But bring an extra buck dear Gringo as the theater now charges 4 bucks instead of 3 for the Tuesday and Wednesday special, and you know it’s cash only.   Still the best deal in town and it’s for all showings!   Hell for 4 bucks I’ll go see whatever crap is playing there  and there is some crap there now.   Though sometimes they get some goodies in there;  Django Unchained  and The Master both great damn movies,  played at the Highland.

Rainy Day At The Highland Theatre

Rainy Day At The Highland Theatre

Sure sometimes the movie doesn’t fit on the screen, sure you may be sitting by a dirty diaper and sure sometimes there is so much movement in the theater that you feel like you’re in the ocean, but the Highland Theatre is always a good time and  just so happens to be a  designated cultural landmarks of Los Angeles, take that LA LIVE.  Here’s some fun facts you can use to impress your buddys from Echo Park when they slum it here in the HP.

The Highland Theatre opened March 5, 1925 as a single screen theater that had 1432 seats.  Now it has been divided into a three screen theater.  The architect was Lewis A. Smith who also designed the hipster haven Vista Theater in Los Feliz.  The Highland Theatre still retains its balcony though now it’s used for storage.  Highland Park was once the cool bustling part of town and actually had  six other theaters including the Figueroa Theatre and the Sunbeam.  Howz about them apples history buffs.

The Sign IS AWESOME At Night

The Sign IS AWESOME At Night

After the flick check out the Street ART at the outdoor Alleyway Gallery right across the street from the theater.  A tremendous way to top off your movie viewing.






About Highland Park Gringo

I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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