Another Teen Killed in Highland Park Gang Shooting

The sad trend continues.  Last night at 8:45pm a 16 year old kid was shot dead on Avenue 51.  The shooting took place just a few yards away from a busy laundramat and the Food For Less Grocery Store.  Two suspects described as male Latinos fled on foot and left the scene in a dark-colored, mid-sized vehicle,  said Sgt. Alaniz of the Northeast Division.

As I walked by the scene today some mourners were gathered outside of the apartment complex where the killing happened.  There were flowers and candles.  However, it was hard not to notice the ‘Dogtown’ gang tag scrawled on the wall just opposite of the crime scene.

Mourners Gather on Avenue 51

Mourners Gather on Avenue 51

16 years old, this dude had his whole life ahead of him.  How does this happen?  I was talking to a buddy of mine who grew up here in the HP, his brother was killed in a gang related shooting in the ’90s.  I asked my pal, how did he avoid the gang situation.  His response was basketball.  He said that the rec center on Piedmont saved his life.   My buddy, who does not want to be named, said the pressure to join a gang is tough as a hispanic boy in Highland Park.   He said as a local kid,

You got three options – gangs, basketball, or skateboards.  After what happened to my brother I chose basketball.

I’m glad he did because he’s a really cool cat.


Anyone with information about the Saturday night’s murder is asked to call Northeast homicide detectives at (323) 344-5744.


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