Keep Highland Park Street Art Alive!

We gringos love the cafes, open mics, hibiscus teas and ‘parklets’ that gentrification brings but not when it comes at the expense of the radness that already exists here in Highland Park.   One of the most awesome things about the HP is the Street Art.  That’s why I nearly ripped my hoody when I heard that some hipsters want to get rid of our murals, our graffiti, our art!

Rad Mural on Ave 61 and Monte Vista

Rad Mural on Ave 61 and Monte Vista

Recently while bored and stoned at home I came upon, where one can find local news stories pertaining to the Highland Park/Mt. Washington Area.  I read a piece about the Parklet on York (the sidewalk) and then made the mistake of reading the comments that followed.  Here’s a comment from some dude named Kevin:

 …you don’t even want to know how many times I’ve reported Guerrero’s to the city so they can spray paint their sign. Leave graffiti out there, it just welcomes MORE graffiti. I wish that store cared about the neighborhood…I am not hispanic , but many of my good friends are. Trust me, they hate these gang tags as much as me. I am new to the neighborhood, yes. But why is it so wrong to report graffiti or care about the neighborhood I live in?

I nearly dropped my bong and spilled my fiddle faddle when I read this.  Guerrero’s has one of the most bomb ass murals going.  Check it.

Guerrero's bomb ass mural

Guerrero’s bomb ass mural

Kevin please go get yourself some new “hispanic friends”… and calling the po-po because of Graffiti artists?   Get real, bro.   Totally not a hipster thing to do.  Do you not watch TED talks?  Have you not heard of JR?  Good Lord!

What makes a community thrive and what makes it hipster is the ART, people.  Thankfully all the smack talk hasn’t stopped the artists.   Today, I spent a good 30 minutes checking out this new mural being put up on North Avenue 58.

Avenue 58 Radness

Avenue 58 Radness

Keep the Art Alive and let Highland Park Thrive!

Mother Mary Pray for Kevin and those like him

Mother Mary Pray for Kevin and those like him




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I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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One Response to Keep Highland Park Street Art Alive!

  1. SoCal Chica says:

    Are these people unaware that many neighborhoods PAY to have art painted on the sides of buildings and freeways and yours is getting it for free? Recanize, yo!

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