Secret Spot

No this is not a post about Hipster Kink.  It’s about a hidden treasure of Highland Park.

We here at Highland Park Gringo gotta huge response about our post on the rad Debs Park.  You guys and gals were way stoked and thankful for the tip.   Here’s another reason why you should put on a hoody and head on up there.

Um can you say Swing!

photo (2)

Way up in Debs Park is a hillside oasis where some genius decided to hang a swing.  Now it’s exact location won’t be given  just to keep it so very special.   It’d totally suck for it to become touristy, but if you’re near to Peanut Lake you’re ‘warm’.

Remember being a kid swinging away and you’d swear you could reach the clouds.  Swinging and making wishes because you were so close to God’s house in the sky that he could hear your cries for a new lacrosse stick more clearly.

And then you grew up and realized what a crock that whole god thing is.

Things were so much simpler than.

Things were so much simpler than.

Go back to simpler times, Smoke a J and let your troubles swing away.  Maybe you’ll get that new lacrosse stick yet!


About Highland Park Gringo

I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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