Debs Park Hike up to Peanut Lake

Hey remember Kenzie S. who I met at the 99¢ store?  Well suave as I am I took her out on a hike through Debs Park up to Peanut Lake.  I know what your thinking, there’s hiking to be done here in Highland Park?  Well hellz to the yes Mister and Ms.

How to get there:  roll on down Avenue 52 and hang a left at the dragonfly or you can rock down 57 hang a left on Marisol and take a right after the overpass into the park.

on the Dragonfly tip

Just a warning it’s uphill all the way, so put on your Pumas.   It’s worth it for the great views of some snow capped peaks, Mt. Washington and Downtown.

The true reward comes all the way at the top – a pretty rad, man-made lake, we locals call Peanut Lake.

That's like a swan or some shit.

That’s like a swan or some shit.

After meandering around some homies fishing, Kenzie S. and I made it to a green bench and just took it all in.  Here’s a pic of our view from my new iphone.  (I totally get reception)

Kenzie S. was really stoked when we reached it.  She said it’d be a  great place to just chill and run sides for her acting class (She was in a Comcast commercial –Score!).

She’s right, I often come up here to just contemplate shit you know?   Sit on a bench,  smoke some Blue Dream, play my troubadour guitar,  and enjoy the scenery.  It’s never crowded on the trails or at the lake except for the stray homeless dude or hefty little mamasitas burning off their sopes.  It really is an urban paradise.  Check out the turtle!

How cool is this shit?


About Highland Park Gringo

I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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8 Responses to Debs Park Hike up to Peanut Lake

  1. Mary says:

    first of all it’s you’re*
    second of all, “hefty mamasitas burning off their sopes” is insulting
    not all Latinos eat sopes and not all of Highland Park is Mexican.

    • thanks for the grammar lesson mary! even though there’s not a you’re anywhere in this text the reminder is appreciated. who is that insulting too mary? no not all of highland park is mexican but 80% of it is despite people like me. you have a great day. sincerely you’res Chase!

  2. Graham R. Naughtsee says:

    Pssst… It’s in your first paragraph. Here: “I know what your thinking, there’s hiking to be done here in Highland Park?”
    Further, it’s “to” not “too”. Just because you’ll look hard, that’s in your reply to Mary.

  3. christian says:

    Any fish in there?

  4. Abighomie says:

    Get the hell out of MHTS! Peanut Lake is our hidden paradise. Hefty mamasitas? You might run into a Hefty Big homie that will shove a Burrito down your throat. Fucken jerk off… I freaking hate all you losers hanging out at our spots. Thank goodness we own our beautiful craftsman home. Gringos that are in MHTS are just broke out of priced silvelake posers. So called Hipsters are just plain white trash.

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