I got 99 problems and the 99¢ Store ain’t one.

Sapporo for 99¢, I mean come on!

Sapporo for 99¢, I mean come on!

Look my parents only pay for my rent and my “necessary bills” as they call them — you know: electric, water, gas, cell phone, car insurance, dish network.   So like groceries and going out and other stuff I have to pay for…and that shit can add up.  That’s why I’m so happy about the bomb ass 99¢ store on York and Figueroa.

It’s got it all — toilet paper, beans, produce, top ramen oriental flavor (vegan hello!) plus notebooks for journaling, kitchen stuff, socks, dishes, dish soap, dial soap, hand soap, sponges, candy, gatorade, water, bagel crisps, those gnarly religious candles, beer yes beer, condoms ok you get the idea.  It has everything you need to fill your kitchen cabinets as well as decorate your built in shelving and then some.

Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more of my hipster brethren and sisthren in the aisles.  On a recent visit I ran into newly arrived Highland Park Gringo, Kenzie S. stocking up on Mini Spooners (a Frosted Mini Wheat knock off).   She said she’s been a regular at the 99¢ store since moving here two months ago.  “I got most of my kitchenware and other necessities here for my new place off Monte Vista.  You should totally stop by.”   In fact  she loved the store so much that she posted a Yelp about it:

…I was going to go to a thrift shop to get dishes and utensils and stuff but my friend was like ‘that’s fucking gross, you don’t know who was eating off that crap’.  She suggested I go to the 99¢ store so like I did and I totally loved it!  I got these really adorbs white dishes like you’d see in Bottega Louie for a buck a piece.  Yeah things actually cost a dollar not 99¢ which is bullshit, totally false advertising, but what evs…

On a recent Tuesday evening we encountered Barrista Brent T.  who also had great things to say.

“I was just over at the Food Trucks enjoying a crepe when I finally got the nerve to come inside and I’m like really glad I did.  I mean I’m totally blown away.  I bought some lube and baby carrots.  This place is dope.”

If you’re like us and strapped for cash, why not make the 99¢ store on York and Figueroa your new jam.  See you there!


About Highland Park Gringo

I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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