Welcome letter from a pioneer.

I was right!  Highland Park is fast becoming a Hipster Paradise!

I knew when I made that long haul from Echo Park to Highland Park three years ago that I was a pioneer.  I saw the potential of this east side enclave then and I see it now.  The easy access to the downtown hotspots, the goldline train, the river bike path, cheap Mexican food and cheaper rents — what else could a young hipster gringo like myself ask for?

Well what I asked for silently to myself when I walked my dog along Monte Vista, or ran home from the Cave late at night or put my head down when I passed by a gangbanger was ‘when are some more white people gonna move up in this bitch?’  Finally they have!

Bring on the coffee shops, the art galleries and vinyl shops.  Let’s drink cheap wine and nibble on cheese and listen to local bands together.  Let’s put on fun sunglasses and vintage button ups and ride our fixies here in our home away from Silver Lake.


A really hip dude at Antigua Coffee Shop

This blog is for you as thanks for moving in.  You will be given tips on the area, local happenings and super fun things to do as well as musings from some of us pioneers.  Let’s gentrify the shit out of this piece!

We are the Gringos of Highland Park!


About Highland Park Gringo

I'm a Gringo, a hipster, a bon vivant, strolling the streets of Highland Park. Bring me your vinyl, your hoodies, your cheap wine and let's have a ball.
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5 Responses to Welcome letter from a pioneer.

  1. jose luis says:

    actual families live here. ignorant or maybe just selfish people like you are kicking them out. thats what gentrification is.

    • Thanks for the kind reply Jose! Keep reading on!

      • Highland Park resident says:

        You’re just an ignorant no good wasted life. If for one moment you think you are superior, your are the dumbest fuck I’ve ever encountered. Words alone don’t suffice the shit that you are. Pretentious, narcissistic… Have you looked into a mirror lately? You could use a plethora of showers and all the hygienic stuff you can find. Meanwhile you continue to feed off your mother’s titties, there are some of us who actually work diligently to attain what we have. We simply don’t rent, rather we own. Dumb prick! I wouldn’t be surprised if youre one of our tenants… Now what?! Keep renting! Make my bank account collect interest on your ass!

      • Sorry can you post this again I was taking a selfie while I was reading it.

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